Exploring Lima: Top Five Things to See and Do

It doesn’t matter if you have a set itinerary or not, Peru is one of those magical countries where adventure and the unexpected exist around every corner. In other words, you might come to Peru with a plan, but whether you follow that plan or not is a different question. In order to get the most out of the country it is a good idea to keep an open mind. 

Lima is the busy and boisterous capital of Peru, and it is often called the City of Kings. The place is notorious for its coastal fog and big city atmosphere, so before you start trekking through the streets to see the tourist sites, be sure to pause a minute and take it it all in. Part macho sprawl, part laid-back coastal city, Lima is as unique a capital as you will ever find. Here are five must see attractions to get you started on your tour of the City of Kings. 

A Historic Plaza

The Plaza de Armas is the historic centre of Lima. In 1535, this is where Francisco Pizarro founded the city. Highlights of the area include the Cathedral de Lima, Palacio de Gobierno and the Lima City Hall. Be sure to check out the colonial fountain in the centre of the square. 

The Lineage of Lima

Lima is bursting with museums that specialize in both pre-Columbian and post-colonial periods. From the Museo Larco, which features mummies and erotic art, to the Museo de la Nacion, which is Peru’s equivalent to the British Museum, all sorts of artistic treasures can be found in Lima. There is even a museum devoted prednisone to bullfighting.

Majestic Monasteries

The San Francisco Monastery is the most well-known religious building in Lima. While its Baroque architecture and gilded altars are beautiful, the monastery’s real claim to fame is its catacombs. 

Bustling Bars

Most modern cities have an upscale area that is filled with trendy bars and restaurants. Lima is no different. Whether you want to get something to eat or go dancing, you prednisone will find entertainment and nightlife in the Miraflores district. A short walk from Miraflores you will find the waterfront, which is known as El Malecon. The ocean views are spectacular. There is a coastal path, so this is also the ideal place to rent a bike. 

A Fishy Experience…

You can’t visit Peru without stopping in one of Lima’s cevicherias. A mix of raw fish, onions and chilli peppers marinated in lime, ceviche is Peru’s national dish. If you like seafood, then you need to indulge in this nizagara mouth-watering speciality. Over the past five years, Lima has become the foodie capital of Latin America, and ceviche is the stand out dish.

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