National Green Week

National Green Week

National Green Week encourages students to learn about being green by being leaders of their own sustainability campaign.


The green education event is designed to teach school children how to lessen their impact on the environment through programs including recycling, reducing waste, and reusing.

In 2009′s National Green Week, more than 500,000 children at 900 schools participated.

How can you do your part? If your child’s school isn’t participating, you might be able to help facilitate this and raise awareness simply by emailing or calling the school. You might even volunteer to play a larger role and offer to talk to a classroom about the event or design a campaign students in which students can partake.

Whether or not your child is participating at school, we thought of a couple things kids could do around the house to learn how to be more green.

  • Help with the recycling.  Getting kids into the habit of taking their own recyclable containers to the recycle bin is a good thing. If the recycle bin isn’t in a location that’s convenient for small children, move it to a more convenient location, or use an extra trash can as a temporary home for recycling in a location that is convenient. Kids can also help take recycling bins to the curb on collection day.
  • Teach kids about composting and get them involved. My own kids love to grow their own garden plants, so there is a natural tie-in here.  Explain to them how composting can help feed the plants, meaning their plants will grow stronger.  As kids get older, you can teach them how to distinguish which kinds of trash should really go into the compost bin instead of the trash bin.

2011 dates: February 7-11 (or any week leading up to Earth Day, April 22)

The event is promoted by the Green Education Foundation (GEF).

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