RV Security, RV Alarms

RV Security, RV Alarms

Staying safe in your RV, and keeping your RV safe and secure, is a concern for all RV owners. There are a variety of RV safety and security options available on the marketplace today.

Smoke Alarm

No RV or motorhome should be without a basic smoke detector. Look for smoke detectors that specifically have a UL rating for RV use. Features typically include alarm mute, 9-volt battery operation, and low battery signal. Many combination smoke/carbon monoxide (CO) detecting units are also available.

Example on Amazon.com: MTI Industries SA-775 9-V Smoke Alarm

Theft Prevention

If you are purchasing a new RV, and are interested in a theft prevention system or theft alarm system, remember to budget for the cost of this system. Inquire with your RV dealer to see whether they offer theft prevention or theft alarm systems.

Aftermarket wireless burglar alarms designed for RVs help protect your RV from unwanted intruders.   These alarms can blast a siren and also alert you by calling your cell phone to warn you of the intrusion.  These systems have wireless sensors for doors and windows, along with a control panel, siren, and remote control units.

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Motion Detector

Many RV owners are concerned about the security of their RV even when it’s parked at home. A simple motion detector can help alert the RV owner that an unauthorized person has entered their RV.  Many of these motion sensor/receiver combinations are relatively inexpensive and enable the receiver to be placed up to 400 feet from the motion detector.

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Propane/LP Gas

Since most RVs use some type of propane/LP gas for cooking, LP gas detectors are available specifically for RVs. Look for a model that has a 3 year or longer warranty, and make sure the unit is rated for use in recreational vehicles.

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