What is kayak fishing?

What is kayak fishing?

Kayak fishing offers the challenges and thrills of boat fishing, and can be done on a budget.

Kayaks are inherently simpler than conventional fishing boats, at $300-$1500 cost considerably less, in addition to costing less to maintain and store.

Kayak anglers enjoy spending time on the water as individuals, but kayak fishing tournaments are also very popular and gaining in popularity, with numerous tournaments taking place across the U.S. and in other countries.

At its most basic, all you need is fishing gear and a kayak. You can even rent a kayak if you don’t own one, and this could be a good way to find out whether or not you want to invest money and time for your own kayak – maybe even one that’s designed specifically for fishing.  If you do decide to buy a kayak, you can potentially save a significant amount by purchasing a used kayak.

Kayaks that are designed for fishing differ from other types of kayaks. Fishing kayaks can offer greater stability for the angler, as well as features like rod holders and storage compartments.

Ocean kayak fishing is a physically demanding but rewarding experience, although it is not for beginning kayakers. Ocean kayak fishing requires safety equipment, precautions, and planning similar to that conventional ocean fishing in a fishing vessel. Equipment should include Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PFD), VHF radio, flares, GPS, emergency whistle or marine blast horn.  A boating certification course is highly recommended.

All sizes and kinds of fish can be caught from a kayak. This ocean kayak fisherman caught a 300 lb blue marlin off the east cape of Baja, CA.

Hobe, Pelican, Wilderness Systems, and Native Watercraft all offer fishing kayaks with special features that wil enhance the kayak fishing experience.

Special kayak fishing rods, reels, and accessories are offered by Okuma, Seattle Sports, Harmony, and others.

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